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A healthy balanced diet is the very best tool we have at our finger tips in determining the overall quality of our life. A balanced diet will provide us with energy, a healthy immune system, a clear mind, and prevent many of today's major illnesses. But what is a balanced diet, how much do we even need to eat you ask? Well that depends! Of course an ample supply of fresh vegetables and fruits are essential but your age, gender and activity level all need to be taken into consideration. A nutritionist is educated on all that and more. Learn about your specific requirements, reading your body's needs, recipes and lifestyle tips to help you support your health no matter where you are starting from.


Nutrition is key when it comes to achieving your fitness goals! Whether it's weight loss, body building or recovering from an injury; anyone engaged in physical activity can benefit greatly from a session with a Sports Nutritionist! Sarah Hooff has been working as a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant since 2012. Specializing in this area Sarah can help you achieve weight loss goals correctly and much more efficiently by offering nutrition guidance. By supporting oneself with real food while working towards goals we stand a far better chance at keeping the weight off and even enjoying delicious food along the way.


If advancing your sport or bodybuilding is your goal then you really do need to eat! Sarah can provide support, wholesome recipes, help you track your physical progress, take measurements and provide you with the essential details you need know to achieve those goals. You cant build something out of nothing and Sarah can show you exactly what you need to focus on to reach your goals.


Dealing with an illness, recovering from an injury, preparing for surgery or feel the need to engage in a detox program? Perhaps expecting or nursing your child? So many situations in life can call for additional support. Discussing your needs with a nutritionist can make a tremendous difference in your recovery. Once diagnosis or deficiency has been identified a nutritionist can provide you with recommendations regarding nutrients needed, lists of foods, recipes as well as the  amounts needed to obtain specific nutrients. Sarah can also suggest herbal therapies and offer guidance in the correct use of supplements if the situation calls for them.



Does the cold weather suddenly have feeling starving all the time or has it become so hot you just don't know what to eat!? Did you know a nutritionist can help with that? Inspired by Seasonal Wellness since her early days of practice Sarah has devoted much of her studies to the topic of seasonal well being. As the seasons change so can our nutrient needs but most of all those lifestyle habits may need a little bit of tweaking. Sarah can offer nutrition support, recipes, meal plans and herbal advice. By slowly and gently weaving these practices into our every day lives one can become more in tune with their own health needs and truly begin to live a life of good health and harmony.


*Sarah is also pleased to host Seasonal Cooking Classes four times a year. To see when our next series begins keep an eye on our Events page.


Click the Download Button below for a Free Healthy Living Checklist. I use this sheet during initial consultations and starting here can be extremely beneficial when creating your health plan. 



1 X 1.5 hrs $50


$150/4 sessions

*Can be paid in 2 installments 


4 X 1 hr. Sessions

$200 1 per season, meal plans included 


$25 each


Private Cooking Sessions are also available for an extra fee.

Menu Items

Garden Gate also proudly offers food! Special orders and open for pick up Fridays only. For more info on Sarah's full menu feel free to email or call/text (604) 208-3335 

  • Soups

  • Power Bowls

  • Organic Cookies

  • Energy Balls

  • Catering

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