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  • Sarah Hooff CHN, CSNC

Super Easy Buckwheat & Berry Breakfast Parfaits

Heya guys! Hope everyone is well! I can't believe its been a month since I posted a food demo! Well, I thought of a good one for the season! Hope you give it a try and it serves you well! <3

I've fiddled with the recipe over the years. Way back when, I'd add banana for B6 (applesauce is nice too) but I do skip that step these days.

Stay tuned for another demo later this week. Its a healthy, DELICIOUS slushie recipe you wont want to miss!

Take good care,

Sarah xo

Buckwheat & Berry Breakfast Parfaits

To make 'cereal' for parfaits 1 cup groats (or roasted for Kasha- prebake buckwheat groats 350 degrees, 10-15 minutes.) 2 ½ cups unsweetened almond milk or water 1 tsp cinnamon pinch of sea salt

*optional: 1 medium sized bananas (adds some natural sweetness and a B vit boost)

Assembly Ingredients

cooled buckwheat groats


Omega 3 rich food such as hemp hearts, flaxmeal, chia seeds or walnuts

plain yogurt

nuts or seeds of choice


Bring water to a boil, add groats, cinnamon & sea salt. *Next add mashed banana. Place lid on pot and simmer 15-20 minutes.

Divide your Kasha into even servings. Next add buckwheat 'cereal' to jar, then berries, Omega 3 choice and then yogurt. Repeat until topped up. You may also wish to add some nuts or seeds on top for crunch as it is delicious!

These also freeze very well, just leave a little air space at the top to prevent your mason jar from cracking while thawing.

Depending on how much yogurt you wish to use a 250 ml jar will yield 8 servings. Super easy to prep a weeks’ worth, and for sweet lovers in your fam, adding a little maple syrup on top will do the trick 

Buckwheat is an amazing gluten free super food, and an excellent source of heart healthy magnesium. This essential mineral is also needed to combat stress and needed for learning and focus, especially important for children's development. Up to 80% is lost in processing, so whole foods is where it’s at! Buckwheat is also an excellent source for rutin, a phyto nutrient well known for strengthening capillaries and preventing blood clotting.

Freezing up a batch of these nutritious cups is about as instant breakfast as you can get, and really fun to make. Simply remove from the freezer the night before.  Hope you give em' a try, they really are healthy & scrumptious! 

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