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  • Sarah Hooff CHN, CSNC

How to Make the Most of Your Smoothie, Tips and Demo

Hello again folks!

Anyone in need of a little healthy 're-set'? Smoothies can be a great place to start!

Our 6 weeks of wellness 'follow along' plan is also off to a great start. Just wrapping up week one. This weeks theme was Goal Setting, something super helpful in our new landscape. We also started our Vision boards yesterday for our art day. Trying to keep things on the light side. Some more food photography as well. An ultra artsy fun day to say the least! I've got all kinds of goodies to share soon! :)

So today is Thursday, so as promised I will be trying my best to upload a simple food demo of some kind each week for the next six weeks. Seeing how this week was about Goal Setting or simply getting back to some sort of routine I thought I would begin with Smoothies. Hope you check out the video. One little oopsie at the end; I was talking about the benefits of aiming for 7-10 servings of veg and a little fruit daily and I go on to say 5 servings of fruit will reduce your risk of cancer by 20% but I should have said veg and fruit. There are also some simple tips to follow to make the most out of your smoothie routine. Adding fats is definitely something we should do especially to our green smoothies. There are several good reasons why we should do this and I explain further in the video :) Official recipe to follow.

So until Monday I sure hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week.

Slow and steady friends!

Much love!

Sarah xo

Classic Green Smoothie (An excellent option for athletic recovery!)

2-3 servings

3 cups greens

2 cups water 

1 apple

1-2 sticks of celery

1/2 banana, or 1/2 avocado

2 tbsp chia seeds

1-2 tbsp fresh ginger

1-2 tbsp fresh turmeric


Add greens, celery, chia, herbs and water to blender. Blend until smooth. 

Next add in remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. 


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