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  • Sarah Hooff CHN, CSNC

6 Weeks of Wellness, Limiting Beliefs and the Power of a Healthy Mindset

Updated: May 25, 2020

Hello folks, wowee 6 weeks already! Here we are, our last week of my 6 weeks of wellness follow along health plan. I hope you all have been finding it helpful in some way.

We've covered some pretty awesome ground. Goal setting, cognitive distortions, active listening, and regulating our emotions. I've really enjoyed this time and I'm quite sure I'll be digesting these topics for a long while to come. To wrap things up for now I wanted to discuss Limiting Beliefs. Its another powerful subject worth tackling.

I've had to wrestle a few myself and I suppose we all probably will in some way for the rest of our lives. Limiting beliefs are similar to cognitive distortions, ugly little thoughts that we buy into that leads to us believing we aren't good enough in some way. Rubbish!

Thank heavens we see the light from time to time or I'm sure the world would be in much more trouble. If we can push past our negative thinking and be open to all the positive possibilities out there for each and everyone of us we can start to live life with so much more peace and happiness. From breaking bad habits to raising the bar on everything!

Have you conquered a limiting belief in the past? A mind set, illness or situation? I'd love to hear it. Also, if you find yourself still struggling feel free to message me anytime. Positive folks in our lives and go a long way. Even if you just need someone to listen. Other than that I'm putting on my nutritionist's hat. Wholesome food helps so much! Support that hard working mind and body. Whether you need to exercise discipline or are simply in need of resources feel free to drop me a message, we do live in a pretty wonderful part of the world for the most part, especially if you happen to live here on the West Coast. A lot of resources available if you know where to look. All the best and if you recognize anything in the list to follow stomp them out!

Much love,


1. I'm too old (ahem! Follow your passion, who cares! In some parts of the world our age is celebrated, as it should be!)

2. I'm not smart enough (take a course)

3. I'm not skilled enough (get some experience)

4. I couldn't handle failing (best teachers in the world!)

5. Money is the root to all evil (no, being greedy and shallow are)

6. I've already tried everything (seriously, you still breathing?)

7. I can't learn anything new (again, you are alive right? Book a trip perhaps?)

8. I don't think I deserve it (for whatever reason...) (distortion, distortion, don't listen!)

9. I'm not as good as 'someone else' (perhaps your environment isn't good or right for you)

10. I don't have enough ______(stuff...) yet (if there is truth in that, big IF, then work your butt off, one step at a time, guess that's precisely why it does take a few decades sometimes, if so, so be it, but I bet it'll be worth the effort!)

So if you relate, ah hem, I call BS! Hope you check out the video! Just thinking I guess I didn't finish my little story there. Yep, I quit smoking for good; after trying hundreds of times, lost 70 lbs and became a nutritionist, my dream job :)

See you Thursday for this weeks food demo! :)

ps. Also just thinking about it, do you have a book thats helped? Please let me know! I'd love to check it out or pass it on!

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