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  • Sarah Hooff CHN, CSNC

6 Weeks of Wellness, CBT Week 4, Blocks to Healthy Communication


the process of sharing information especially when this increases understanding between people or groups.

Heya folks, Wow! Its been a month since starting this little 6 Weeks of Wellness plan, has the time ever flown by!

While I've been hard at work in the garden the last few weeks, Mondays and these Cognitive Behavioral Therapy talks remind me of other important areas of our health that are very worthwhile putting some effort into. This weeks topic is Blocks to Healthy Communication. In fact Harvard carried out a huge study, one that spanned over eight decades, and found that healthy relationships are perhaps the key factor to our health and longevity! How cool is that! Psst, its never too late to work on them either! :)

For more on that check out

So for this week, I have to say, it too is a big one! Communication is a huge subject. To follow I'm including a list given to us during our studies. Some you may recognize some as cognitive distortions and some may even seem like positive things, that said not if you need to chill the heck out and listen to the other guy ;)

I hope you give it a thought. Do you behave or communicate differently in different relationships? Do you like to argue your point or try and look at things from different perspectives. Do you assume you know what the other person is going to say? I hate it when I do that! Yeesh, still I found a little black and white list such as this to be helpful, I hope you do as well.

Blocks to Healthy Communication

1. Ordering, Directing, Commanding

2. Warning, Threatening

3. Moralizing, Preaching, Manipulation ('you should's')

4. Advise giving, Offering Solutions, Suggesting

5. Using Logic, Arguing, Over-Intellectualizing

6. Criticizing, Judging, Assuming, Blaming

7. Praising, Agreeableness, Supporting

8. Labeling, Name Calling, Ridiculing

9. Analyzing, Interpreting, Diagnosing

10. Reassuring, Sympathizing, Consoling

11. Questioning, Probing, Interrogating

12. Avoiding, Diverting, Ignoring, Undermining

So that sums up this week. Lots to absorb, I still am. Next week we'll be talking about Effective Listening. Hope you stay tuned for that and until then see you Thursday for another cooking demo!


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