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I’m Sarah,

Certified Holistic Nutritionist,

Sports Nutrition Consultant,

Herbalist & Author

Welcome to Garden Gate Health, my name is Sarah and I'm a certified holistic nutritionist, herbalist & author. 

I've been a practicing nutritionist since 2012 and in 2016 I opened a plant based cafe "The Garden Gate Cafe". The cafe was open for 2 years and after that I took a position at a Prenatal Nutrition Program, and while I still offer food services it's now special orders and part time. Its been working out wonderfully! 

In 2019 I also began working at the Sunshine Coast Health Men's Trauma and  Addictions Center as their nutritionist as well as their newly opened Women's Center, the Georgia Strait Women's Trauma and Addictions Center. It's been amazing and I couldn't be more grateful to be involved with such an incredible staff and help support in this way. At the centers I am able to do consultations and recently cooking classes with the women, its been amazing! 

Garden Gate Health is also growing strong and steady. 2020 my next cookbook will be available and I'm rolling out some workshops! We'll also be at the Farmers Markets this year, both the regular Powell River Farmers Market as well as the Savary Island Market. The goal is the same as ever, to be able to grow as much of our own organic produce for GGH foods as well as some for the public. Lots of work, but so rewarding. Stay tuned in to the Garden Gate Health Blog for some of our fun a long  the way! 

Thank you so much for checking out the site. I hope you find some inspiration and encouragement here. I love posting recipes, and nudging people to get outside. Its so true the best medicines really are good food, exercise, fresh air and water, and of course our community! Welcome to ours! If you ever want to reach out, please send us a message. I'd love to hear from you. 

Take good care,


'Simple Measures, Vibrant Health!' 

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